How Large is your venue and what is your capacity?
Canvas provides over 7,000 square feet of event space spread on two open levels. We can accommodate 300 people for a cocktail party or reception and 200 for a seated reception. Our team is excited to work with you to find the perfect layout for your event whether it’s for 10 or 300.

What is included in the event rental?

  • 7,000 square feet of event space
  • 10 hour rental period with option to purchase additional hours
  • Two open floors
  • Balcony overlooking event space
  • Bride and groom suite
  • Wireless internet
  • Easy loading and unloading area
  • 38 parking spaces
  • Cleaning
  • Soft seating at no additional charge (some may not be moved)

How late can we stay?
This all depends on how long you rent the venue for. Alcohol is cut off at 2 AM, however, the venue can be rented past this time if desired. Please inquire with a Canvas representative.

How much time should I allow for my vendors to set-up and tear-down?
We require our clients to reserve a minimum of one hour the end of your event for teardown time, but there are no requirements on setup time. We recommend checking in with all of your vendors and your planner to ensure you have adequate time.

Can I decorate the space?
Yes, we would be happy to work with you to ensure that you can customize the space to your liking while sticking within our guidelines. If you do wish to utilize the walls by hanging things or for decoration purposes, we require that you talk to us about your plans beforehand to ensure we have a plan to return the venue to its original form.

Does the art stay up during the event or can I remove it?
The majority of the art is permanently installed in the venue. If needed, we can organize to have some of the art pieces removed or covered for you event – additional costs may apply.

How do we transition the set-up from ceremony into reception?
This is a great question for your caterer and event planner. There are lots of ways to do this and it will depend on what works best for your event.

Is there outside space? And do we have access to it?
Yes, there is outside space that you can access. We just ask that you stay within the area provided as the building next to us requires us to allow access to their driveway at all times.

How many restrooms do you have?
Canvas has three restrooms on the main floor that can all be utilized by your guests and one additional private restroom in the upstairs suite for your VIP’s or wedding party.

Is your building wheelchair accessible?
Yes! We have a paved, flat entrance and an elevator for easy access to the second floor.

When can I have my vendors drop off rentals etc…?
This is dependent on when you are getting access to the space and what is worked out between your caterers. We allow access prior to your rental time as long as you clear it with a Canvas representative.

Who can I talk to for venue needs on the day of event?
There will be a Canvas representative on site during your function that can help you with all your needs. The caterers are also very familiar with the space and can assist you as needed.

Do you have a required food and beverage minimum?
No, Canvas has a rental fee and has no food and beverage minimum. Food and beverage is worked out with your caterer.

Can we bring our own alcohol?
Please speak to a Canvas representative as fees may apply if approved. No matter what, we require that you have a licensed individual serving as Canvas does not allow for a self-service bar.

Are we required to use your preferred vendors?
Our preferred vendors are highly recommended and the easiest way for you to get your event booked! They are well acquainted with our space and are approved to work here at Canvas. If our preferred vendors do not meet your requirements, please let your salesperson know, and we will be happy to try and accommodate.

Are we required to clean the venue following the event?
We have a cleaning crew come in after your event but we require that you take all of your personal belongings and have all your vendors clean up before we send our cleaning crew in. Additional fees may apply if excessive cleaning or trash removal is required.

Can you hold a date for me?
We are happy to hold a date for you. If you wish to hold a date, we require 50% of the deposit, which will be applied to your total event cost. We will hold the date for up to two weeks. This gives you first right of refusal if someone else wants your same date.

If we are holding a wedding ceremony in your space can we do a rehearsal?
Yes, as long as the space is not rented we are happy to coordinate rates with you to hold a rehearsal and work with you to find the right time to rehearse.

When do we have to pay our balance?
A 50% booking deposit is required to confirm your contract with us. Your remaining balance will be due at 60 days to your event date.

Is there parking?
Yes! Canvas has 38 parking spots dedicated to the building and an abundance of street parking.

Can we have a live band?
Of course, we encourage it!

Do you require a damage deposit?
We do have a security deposit, however the amount will vary depending on your contract. A Canvas representative can tell you more.

Is furniture included with our rental?
Yes! The lounge furniture in the lobby and second floor green room is included in the rental. Some of it can be rearranged, please ask us for more details. We also provide (10) x 60” round tables and (2) x 72” round tables. Please note that you will need to rent chairs for the tables if you choose to use them! A Canvas representative can tell you more.

Who sets up our ceremony chairs and reception tables?
Your vendors can do this for you, or you can work this out with the caterers. We can also provide people to help for an extra fee.

Can we bring in outside furniture?
Yes! Canvas is designed so you can model your event how you best see fit. We are happy to suggest vendors for this. Your preferred caterer can also help with this. You just need to let us know who your vendors are and make sure that your vendors pick up the furniture at their allotted time.

Do you have air conditioning and heat?
Canvas provides air conditioning and heat.

Where can guests smoke?
Guests can utilize the outdoor areas to smoke. There is absolutely no smoking inside the facility.

Do you allow candles?
We allow candles on a case by case basis, please speak to a Canvas representative.

Do you allow confetti or rice?
We prefer you to refrain from these types of items. We do not allow rice in any situation, however confetti may be approved – additional cleaning fees may apply.

Do you have a PA system for iPods or speeches?
All audio, lighting, video, and staging services can easily be arranged through our Audio-Visual partners at PNTA. PNTA has been a staple in the Greater Seattle Area since 1975 and can support you with all technical aspects of your event production.

Do you have a projector/TV for slide shows or presentations?
The same as above! PNTA can help you get a custom setup arranged to make your event shine.

Do we need event insurance?
Yes, event insurance is always required at Canvas.

Do we need to hire a planner or day-of-coordinator?
While this is not required, we strongly recommend it as it will make your event less stressful and more FUN! Let us know if you need a recommendation.